School of Phenomenal Memory Review

I took the School of Phenomenal Memory Improvement Course in August, 2007. With everything I’ve learned, and everything I am capable of now, I wouldn’t hesitate to take the course again. It’s been the single greatest investment in my future that I have ever made. I am able to memorize anything I want to, including entire books! I give my highest recommendation to the Course.

The Course consists of 60 step-by-step, guided lessons, designed to not only give you mastery of all techniques required for efficient memorization, but also to develop your visualization ability, attention stability, mental capacity, and physical health. The lessons are divided into 5 study courses:

• Intensive Training (introduction course, 12 lessons)

A detailed study of separate techniques of memorizing. Students can expect a gradual increase in the volume of information that can be memorized at a given time; up to 100 elements. They will also gain a much more powerful stability of attention. The exercises in this study course are designed to help you develop the initial skills of memorizing, without which the study of other courses is impossible.

• First Database (basic course, 13 lessons)

Learning the techniques of memorizing for 25 basic kinds of information (telephone numbers, historical dates, constant values, time-tables, names, formulas, etc.), with the possibility of selective retrieval and relocation of information in the memory. You will work with one hundred examples of factual, data-based information (previously considered to be un-memorizable). You will be able to recollect upon request consistently and selectively with absolute accuracy of reproduction. It is impossible to memorize any more effectively! Final exam at the end of this course. Here is an example of information that will be memorized after 13 lessons.

• Foreign Languages (special course, 11 lessons)

Training in the memorization of foreign words and phrases. Course material is based on the Russian language. (Any language can be used by analogy.) The complex application of Phenomenal Memory is considered during independent work with lessons of the tutorial (memorizing and affixing new words, grammar, phrases, word-for-word text memorization, structure models, audio courses, dialogue preparation, etc. into long-term memory).

• Textual information (special course, 16 lessons)

From jokes and short stories on up to entire books and tutorials containing complex terminology. Complex texts are used as exercises. How can you memorize a paragraph of a text book in the shortest time possible? How can you memorize the content of a whole book? How can you remember forever the entire content of your speech or a lecture? The answer is simple: using your own Phenomenal Memory. (The texts are not remembered word-for-word, but are reproduced using your own words preserving the sequence of paragraphs and the exact information).

• Codes and passwords (special course, 8 lessons)

The course teaches how to reliably keep numerical data in your memory. From website and email addresses to credit card numbers, pin-numbers, bank accounts numbers, and various login information. All of this information can be stored in your memory using Phenomenal Memory.

Completion of the course takes from 2 to 5 months, depending on the amount of lessons that you can do per week with a total of 60 lessons. Three lessons per week is the minimum standard, and seven lessons per week is the maximum. One lesson lasts 1-2 hours with exercises. Numerous special exercises are provided to assist you along the way. For example, you will learn at the beginning of the course how to make yourself want to do the lessons, rather than feeling like they are a responsibility or burden. Personal help is always available from instructors(like me 🙂 ) and other students. Plus, the course is backed with a 100% money-back guarantee. The only thing you have to lose is the chance to drastically change your life.


5 Responses to School of Phenomenal Memory Review

  1. michael angelo roque says:

    I am now using basic GMS methods and I have still some difficulties in memory storage.
    I can store some however I cannot locate them and sometimes the images are mix up could you give me an advice what to do. However I am still a beginner in doing the phenomenal memory exercises…thanks

  2. Zachary says:

    Are you a student of the PMemory course? If so, I’d be happy to answer your questions in the student forum 🙂

  3. Markus 1971 says:

    Dear Zachary:

    I’m very interested in the course of School ….., but i’m spanish. I want to study a psycologist degree and i haven’t study skills. I have two questions, can i follow the course being spanish? I understand english well, but if you use memory pegs or alphabetic system i think i’ll have problems. The last, Is good the system to study a psycologist degree.

    Thank you.


  4. Zachary says:

    You won’t have a problem, you can actually use the alpha-numeric code to create your own images from spanish words… 29->TaCo, 65-PeRro, etc…

    GMS is a new method of memorization based off of visual thinking, so language doesn’t really even play a part. It’s only when you decode information(recall) that language comes into play, but you can decode into any language you would like.

    For a psychology degree, GMS would be *very* effective. Your classes would be an absolute breeze 🙂

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