Giordano Memorization System Review

The Giordano Memorization System (GMS) is a new, modern memory-improvement system. Different mnemonic techniques, derived from various systems of memorization around the world, have been systematized, refined, and integrated to become a master system which complies with three main criteria: simplicity, universality, and efficiency. “Simplicity” means that the methods of memorization are both straightforward and easy to master with respect to understanding the principles of their use. “Universality” means that the system can be used to memorize almost any type of information. Finally, the “efficiency” aspect guarantees that a practitioner will have full control over both the memorization process and storage of information in the brain.

The theoretical material and techniques used in the system are provided for FREE in the GMS Manual. The GMS System is taught at the School of Phenomenal Memory.

The Memorization Process

In GMS, the process of memorization is divided into four stages:

1. Encoding the elements of information into visual images;

2. Memorizing the information;

3. Memorizing the sequence of information;

4. Fixation of the information in your brain.

Step 1 – Encoding Information

Any information message consists of elements. In order to connect elements of one information message, every such element has to be transformed into a visual image. Encoding information message elements into visual images is achieved through a number of encoding methods. (See “Encoding Techniques”)

Encoding information into visual images does not equate to memorization. It is only a preliminary memorization stage. The encoding stage is the lengthiest and the most difficult of all the described memorization stages. Memorization speed depends on the speed of information encoding into visual images. The skill of encoding into visual images is trained and quickly becomes automatic in GMS.

Step 2 – Memorizing Associations

Memorization is the creation of connections between elements of one information message. First, a base for the association is selected. The remaining elements are then visually connected onto the association base.

Step 3 – Sequence Memorization

Once the associations are memorized, they need to be fixed in sequence. Otherwise, recall of all association would be impossible without outside stimulus(hints). Association sequence is fixed in two ways:

1. Each association base is connected to an additional support image.

2. An association base can be connected directly to another such base. This is called an Information Block.

An information block is a group of monotype data gathered “in a heap” and fixed upon one support image. Associations are connected directly in an information block.

When every association is connected to a support image, it becomes possible to remember all the memorized data without stimulus(hints, questions, etc…), and in the correct order.

Step 4 – Connection Fixation

Visual images are connected in the brain very quickly. A beginning standard of 6 seconds per connection is set forth. Such connections are also deconstructed quickly in the brain. To store information, the created connections need to be activated – intentionally processed in the imagination according to a specific system. This information fixation technique is called the “Active Repetition Method” in the Giordano Memorization System.

After fixing information, the data will be stored in the brain. Information can be remembered not only consecutively, but selectively as well, without having to run through all information. Any question concerning the previously memorized data will act as a stimulus to help recall of the full association in the imagination.


19 different techniques for encoding information into visual images are studied and learned in GMS.

2 main techniques are used for memorizing associations are used.

3 techniques for creating support-image systems are provided.

3 main techniques for fixation of information are given.

Knowledge of the techniques alone isn’t sufficient to be able to memorize efficiently. The Phenomenal Memory Course consists of 60 step-by-step lessons which develop your visualization ability, improve your attention stability, increase your mental capacity, and make using GMS feel like second nature. Forums are provided, where you can ask any questions, talk with current students and instructors, and read the testimonials and test results of past students. The school offers a 100%, no questions asked, money-back guarantee. You have nothing to lose, and everything to gain. Don’t let this opportunity pass you by!


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